My Services

Before I tell you what I do, let me tell you what I don’t do. I don’t look to rewrite your work and take away what makes your words unique. I don’t seek to tell you that you are a bad writer. I don’t judge you for any mistakes in your writing. The services I offer are only meant to enhance your work, not alter it, destroy it, or make it fit into some neat little box of archaic rules. As a content producer, your focus is on the big picture, getting the words out in whatever medium you have chosen. Focusing on the tiny details of periods, apostrophes, and grammar checks isn’t what being a writer is about. So let me do those things for you while you focus on doing what you love!

Here’s a short description of the services I offer.

Proofreading: this is the final step before you submit your work for publishing, whether that’s a book, blog post, or website. This step checks for any misspellings, punctuation mistakes, grammar mistakes, and other surface issues. It’s that final polish before your work is sent out into the world.

Copy Editing: this is a focus on the bigger picture. Copy editing takes a look at consistency throughout the work. This can be plot and character consistencies in books, awkwardly worded sentences, out of place elements, and other things. Editing is more of a look at the work as a whole and how it flows rather than each individual letter, as in proofreading.

Transcribing: this is to provide a written copy of something. It can be writing out dictation, rewriting already written documents, or writing out what is spoken in videos, audios, podcasts, etc. It makes audible content search engine friendly, readable, and quotable.

Which of these is right for you?

I do a combination of all three services described above. My primary focus is on proofreading and transcribing, though I will mix some light copyediting into all my proofreading projects. That means I’ll usually flag inconsistencies I spot, visual elements that need adjusting, readability issues, and other things like that.

Typically, when reaching out to me, you’d either hire me to proofread (which comes with light editing), proofread with more extensive editing, or transcribe a video, podcast episode, or other audio file.

(Note: I don’t do editing exclusively at this point. For instance, I’m not the person to take a look at your manuscript and edit and develop your core content.)

I can proofread blog posts, websites, marketing materials, books, short stories, social media posts, and pretty much anything else. I’ll look for things like extra spaces, missing spaces, missing punctuation, misspellings, capitalization, and a host of other details. And if you have a specific style you want me to stick to, I can definitely do that!

If you request editing along with proofreading, I’ll take a slightly deeper look at your work. Rather than just checking for surface errors like grammar and punctuation, I’ll also look at the flow and readability of your text. Is it easy to read or are there some spots that need tweaking? Is your content and voice consistent? Are there any errors in well-known facts?

For transcribing, I’ll provide a written transcript of everything said in your podcast episode, video, or other recording. (This is not providing captions!) You can post this on your website, blog, or anywhere else for your listeners to either read along, find a specific section, or share quotes of what you said. Having a written transcript also makes your content searchable! This will make your content easier to find. With a transcript I will take out stutters, filler words like uh, um, like, and you know, and false starts, leaving you with a clean transcript that is easy to read. Each speaker will also be clearly marked. And if you should desire it, I can also do verbatim transcripts where every word and syllable makes it onto the page.

If you’re ready to get started, send me an email at or click here to get in touch with me. You’ve taken the time to write your content, now let’s take a little more to really make it shine!